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How to paint a celling without roller marks?

Painting a ceiling is probably the most complex task you are going to do in your home when it comes to painting. Why? Because a bad application can leave roller marks, and that can be frustrating. In this article, we’ll give you all the tips you need to follow to ensure a flawless result.


1. Preparation

Like all painting jobs, preparation is key. Think about these elements before you start painting:

  • Prepare the surface. Fine sanding can help even out the surface and remove any residue.

  • Clean the surface to remove dust.

  • If possible, remove devices from the ceiling to facilitate work.

  • Remove furniture that may be in your way.

  • Protect the floor and the furniture in place with plastic wrap or a cotton sheet.

  • If necessary, place masking tape along the walls

  • Wear safety glasses and a hat (for obvious reasons)


2. Direction matter

The direction you are painting does matter, and is even a critical point of success if you don't want to show roller marks. Here are the factors to consider in order: