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How to choose a paint roller?

Are you wondering what thickness and what type of paint roller to choose for a successful project? There are indeed many different thicknesses of rollers and different roller materials available on the market, and each has its purpose. There are 3 questions to ask yourself to choose the right roller:

1- What finish will I use?

2- On what surface will I apply the paint?

3- What viscosity is the paint?


1- What paint roller to choose according to the paint finish?

Why is this important? Because a glossy finish lets the "roller strokes" appear much more, it is therefore appropriate to choose the right roller to avoid biting your fingers every time you look at your room.

The following guide will help you select the right roller:

For a gloss or semi-gloss finish, microfiber is your best choice due to its finer fiber among all rollers.

For satin, eggshell and matte finishes, your choice may be a standard lint-free roller with a more open weave (better absorption and better release), such as our