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Industrial Products

Chidaca International Inc. specializes in manufacturing and importing industrial products for over 25 years. We manufacture parts, equipment, machinery, and any other custom project for our customers. Our specialty is to accompany our clients throughout the process, from design, quality control to the finished product. We turn your ideas into reality!

Our accomplishments

  • Casting and molding

  • Transmission parts

  • Industrial and metal parts

  • Specialized machinery and equipment

  • Tailor-made projects


Casting and molding

We offer different alloy die casting parts, such as in aluminum, zinc and stainless steel. Other possibilities in custom projects.

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Transmission parts

We offer all kinds of transmission parts. Here are some examples. We can customize your pieces.

Industrial and metal parts

We offer all kinds of industrial and metal parts. We can also customize your parts accordingly to your needs.

Specialized machinery and equipment

We offer all kind of machines for grinding, weighting, packaging and so on. If you have a specific need, we can help you to find the right machine and equipment.

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